Paper Plate Cat Mask Craft

This is an adorable and easy paper plate cat mask. Your kids will have loads of fun wearing them and meowing all over the place.


  • paper plate
  • card stock
  • pink and black construction paper
  • foam triangle
  • red crayon
  • scissors
  • craft knife(adult only)
  • glue
  • hole punch


  1. Beforehand, check the kids eyes and draw and cut out the eye holes yourself with a craft knife. Leaf shaped eye holes look better than just circles.
  2. Glue a craft foam triangle in the center for a nose.
  3. Cut short, thin strips from black paper for whiskers. Glue three on each side of the face.
  4. Draw a red mouth with a crayon.
  5. Cut 2 big triangles and 2 smaller pink triangles. Glue together and glue to the back of the mask for ears.
  6. Punch a hole on both sides of the face.
  7. Tie 2 rubber bands together. Tie one end into the hole. Repeat on the other side.
  8. Loop the rubber bands over child's ears to wear.
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