Native American Teepee/Tipi Craft

This is another Native American teepee/tipi craft I did. This is fun for teaching about Native Indians or also about different kinds of housing.

  •  sheet of brown construction paper
  • tape scissors
  • 3 sticks
  • rubber band
  • markers


  1. Roll your brown paper into a cone and tape in place. Crumple the paper a little and spread it out again beforehand, if you like to look more like leather.
  2. Cut the bottom off to make it flat. Cut the top of the cone to make the opening bigger.
  3. Decorate your teepee wity Native American designs.
  4. Find three thin sticks and cut or break them so they are a little taller than your teepee.
  5. Tie the sticks together at the top with a rubber band.Insert the sticks into your cone.
  6. Tape the sticks to the inside of your cone.
  7. Display your teepee with some animal or Indian toys. 
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