Thanksgiving Indian Corn Napkin Holders Craft

Here's a cool Thanksgiving Indian Corn Napkin Holder Craft you can make for the dinner table next Thanksgiving dinner.


  • felt
  • scissors
  • Popsicle sticks
  • may buttons in Indian corn colors
  • glue
  1. Cut a piece of 4x5.5 inch felt.
  2. Spread glue all over the felt. Line up 12 Popsicle sticks in a row on the felt.  Leave a little extra hanging off on the end. Allow to dry.
  3. Turn over the holder and glue buttons down the length of each Popsicle stick. Alternate the colors to resemble Indian corn. Allow to dry.
  4. Roll up the holder and glue the extra felt inside to make a tube shape. Allow to dry.
  5. Insert corn or husk colored napkins into the holders for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Source: Family Fun
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