Father's Day King Crown Craft

Here's a great-looking Father's Day Crown Craft. Dad can be King for a Day, at least.

  •  yellow construction paper
  • cup about 3 inches wide
  • quarter
  • pencil
  • markers
  • rhinestones, craft jewels, cellophane, or glitter
  • tape
  • scissors
  • glue


  1. Tape 2 sheets of yellow construction paper together at the ends to make one long rectangle.
  2. Start at one end, trace the cup, slightly off the edge of the paper to create the curved shape on top of the crown. Continue down the length, leaving about 3/4 of an inch between each circle.
  3. Trace a quarter at the closest point between each circle to make the pinnacles.
  4. Cut out the lines to make your crown. If the crown is too tall, cut a strip off the bottom.
  5. Decorate your crown with markers.
  6. Write the Message, "King for a Day".
  7. Glue on jewels at the pinnacles. You can use rhinestones, craft jewels, glitter, or cut colored cellophane into little diamond shapes.
  8. Check the size and tape the ends together to make the crown.

To make a simpler crown, cut triangles along the length for a pointy crown.

 Source: Parent Dish
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