Olympic Laurel Wreath Crown Craft 2

Here's another great Olympic Laurel wreath craft idea that fun and simple. The Olympians of ancient times came from miles around to participate in the games, usually just a race or wrestling match. Their only prize, a laurel wreath and the praise and glory of the crowd.


  • plastic hairband
  • green craft foam or construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue gun or other strong glue


  1. Cut out many leaf shapes from green craft foam or construction paper. Use a template if you have one or trace your own. If you have pre-cut foam leaves, use those
  2. Start at the middle of the hairband. Hot glue the leaves going left and leaves going right until the ends.
  3. Wear your Olympic laurel wreath craft. Play ancient Greece include a toga.

Source: Free Kids Crafts
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