Valentine's Day Candy Bomb Craft

This is a simple and cute Valentin's Day Candy Craft. This explosive craft is actually Rolo Candy rolls made up to look like dynamite from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons.


  • 3 Rolo Candy rolls
  • red paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • black licorice
  • black pipe cleaner
  • hole punch


  1. Cut red paper to match the size of the candy rolls. Wrap 3 Rolo Candy rolls in red paper and secure with tape.
  2. Make a red card that reads, "You're the bomb!", "You're Dynamite!", or "Your a Blast!". Punch a hole in the top. Don't forget to sign your name.
  3. Tie the candy rolls together with a piece of black pipe cleaner. Tie the card on the end.
  4. Insert a piece of black licorice in the middle for a fuse. Give them as treats to your friends or party favors.
Source: Kids Creative Chaos
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