Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Craft

Here's a great Thanksgiving Pilgrim hat craft that's easy and fun to make.


  • black and yellow construction paper
  • white paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • something to trace circles or a drafting compass
  • tape


  1. Trace a circle on black construction paper to match child's head. Trace a larger circle around that one, a couple of inches wider. Cut out both so you have a ring for the brim and a black circle.
  2. Roll a sheet of black construction paper into a cone. The bottom should match the inner circle of the brim ring. Use the black circle to make the top of the hat.
  3. Cut about 1 inch deep slits all around the edge of the black circle. Fold down the edges.
  4. Glue this piece into the top of the cone to make the top of the hat.
  5. Cut a buckle piece from yellow paper.
  6. Fold a sheet of white paper into a strip and insert into the buckle.
  7. Glue the strip around the base of the cone.
  8. Cut little slits around the base of the cone an fold up. Use this to glue on the brim.
  9. Put the brim ring down on top of the hat and glue in place.
 Great tutorial with step by step photos from: Art Platter
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