Chopsticks Rubber Band Gun Craft

 This is a very easy toy gun you can make from disposable chopsticks and rubber bands.


  • set of disposable chopsticks (the kind that are fused together)
  • 2 short pieces cut from a chopstick, about 1.5 inches long
  • rubber bands
  • box cuter or sharp knife
  • tape
  • small squares cut from cardboard(ammunition)

  1. Using a very sharp knife or box cutter, score and break off two short lengths from a chopstick.
  2. Place a rubber band over the skinny end of an unbroken pair or disposable chopsticks and secure with tape.
  3. Lay one short stick across the chopsticks near the thick end and wrap from underneath with a rubber band. This will create the fulcrum for the trigger.
  4. Lay the second piece on top of the first, perpendicular and tie down the front with a rubber band. The back will be sticking up. This will be the trigger.
  5. Pull back the rubber band from the front and place it under the trigger.
  6. Insert a small square cut from cardboard into the rubber band. Take aim and push down on the trigger and watch it fly.
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