Japanese Chopsticks Launcher Toy Craft

 There are a lot of fun craft toys you can make from rubber bands and disposable chopsticks. This one can launch a toilet roll into the air.


  • 1 pair of disposable chopsticks(the kind that are fused together)
  • short piece of cut chopstick(longer than the opening of a toilet paper roll)
  • 1 rubber band
  • toilet paper roll
  • tape
  • pen
  • box cutter or sharp knife

  1. Loop a rubber band over the thick end of a pair of unbroken disposable chopsticks and secure with tape.
  2. Use a sharp knife or box cutter and cut another piece of chopstick longer than a toilet paper roll is wide.(only by an adult)
  3. Tape the cut piece to the other end of the rubber band.
  4. Draw a rabbit, frog, kangaroo, or other jumping animal on the toilet paper roll.

How to play:

Hold the chopsticks straight up with one hand and press the toilet paper roll down the middle over the stick. Let go and watch the rabbit jump up.

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