4th of July Toilet Roll Firecrackers Craft

These 4th of July toilet roll firecrackers are a safe way to enjoy your Independence Day.


  • toilet paper roll
  • bubble wrap
  • black pipe cleaner
  • tape
  • scissors
  • paint and/or other decorations
  • orange or red tissue paper


  1. First take 1 long, black pipe cleaner and tape or staple the ends into one end of the toilet roll so it stands up like a loop.
  2. Twist the the pipe cleaner loo to resemble the firecracker's fuse.
  3. Cut a 2x3 inch size of bubble wrap. Roll it up and stick it into the bottom of the toilet roll. Secure with a little tape or glue.
  4. Decorate your toilet roll with paints, stickers, or paper stars. Remember the key colors are red, white, and blue!
  5. Tear off a little piece of orange tissue paper and stick onto the end of the pipe cleaner to make a lit fuse.
  6. Kids can play by sticking their fingers inside and popping the bubble wrap to sound like a firecracker.
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