Aluminum Foil Face Mirror Craft

Here's a fun and easy idea to make a face mirror using aluminum foil. It's good to follow a lesson about the face, "myself", shapes, or even after reading Snow White.


  • old cereal box
  • aluminum foil
  • stars, flowers, or hearts cut or punched from reflective paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • tape
  • craft stick


  1. Trace a circle, diamond, or other basic shape on the back of an old cereal box and cut out.
  2. Cover 1 side of the shape with glue and cover with a sheet of aluminum foil. Cut off or fold down the excess.
  3. Decorate the front by gluing on pretty foil shapes like hearts, stars, and flowers.
  4. Tape a craft stick to the back for a handle.
  5. If desired, print out a message like "My Mirror" and glue on the front. (optional)

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