Halloween Spider Pipe Cleaner Craft

Here is an easy Halloween Spider craft made from pipe cleaners. They're kind of spooky and creepy. Great decorations for your next Halloween party.


  • black and orange pipe cleaners
  • small pony beads


  1. Take a bundle of 4 pipe cleaners, bend in the middle and twist the fold several times to make the spider's body.
  2. Separate the pipe cleaners to make the legs.
  3. Slide a couple of beads onto each leg and slide up close to the body. Bend each leg about an inch from the body and slide on 2 more beads at the joint. Bend the legs 1.5 inches from the last joint and slide on 2 more beads. Adjust the legs to make your spider.

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  1. This totally worked for me! thanks.

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